Species guide

Species guide

The “Species Guide geared towards professional users” presents the main species consumed in France, Belgium and Switzerland, from a sustainability perspective. It is the essential tool for all those buy and sell sea products and who want to ensure a sustainable supply.

Today there is no longer any need to demonstrate the extreme fragility of the oceans’ resources. Even if aquaculture develops, this sector is not the ideal solution.

In light of this, how could we respond in a responsible manner to the increasing needs of the population in terms of sea products and quality aquatic proteins ?

The "Species Guide geared towards professional users",

published by SeaWeb Europe and updated every year, aims to respond to theses questions.

To order the 2015 edition of the “Species Guide geared towards professional users” (paper or PDF version), write to : contact@seaweb-eu.org
or find it on : www.guidedesespeces.org (in French and Dutch)