Fishing techniques

You can also play a role in preserving the oceans’ resources by asking your provider the right questions.

The fish I want to buy :

  • Is it from a sustainable stock ?
  • Has it been fished with a technique respectful of the environment ?
  • Did it have the time to reproduce ?

A new labelling for the fish products.

Starting from December 13, 2014, the Common Market Organization (CMO) requires European Union member countries to provide a new labelling for the fish products.

The new regulation requires more information on the precise origin of the catch area and on the fishing technique used. This information is essential in choosing sustainable sea products !

With the fishing techniques used by the professional fishermen, fish, crustacean and molluscs can be fished effectively. Some techniques are more respectful of the environment than others. Research is being carried out to improve the selectivity of these techniques in order to prevent non-target species from being captured (incidental catches) and to reduce their impacts on the environment.

Poster Techniques de pêche et environnement

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