Restaurateurs and small-scale fishermen

Restaurateurs and small-scale fishermen A partnership for sustainable fishing resources.

The non-domestic catering sector accounts on average for 27% of the volume of the consumption of aquatic products in France. In view of the rarefaction of the fishing resources and the overexploitation of many of them, as well as the increase of the consumption of sea products, chefs are key prescribers in the sector who can influence both providers and consumers. The project aims to help this key link of the chain to implement responsible and sustainable practices.

Goals :

  • Raise awareness among catering professionals about the issues of fishing resources and of their civic responsibility for their supply of sea products.
  • Contribute to the development of good practices for a sustainable supply of sea products in the catering sector.
  • Initiate a better communication between the chefs and the consumers on the origin of the sea products and the way they have been fished.
  • Through the chefs, make the European citizen aware of his consumption choices that have an impact on the environment.
  • Promote the non-industrial and sustainable fishing products, and the fisheries professionals who apply environmentally sensitive practices.

The project is sponsored by

  • Patricia Ricard, president of the Institut océanographique Paul Ricard and
  • Olivier Roellinger, Chief of Maisons de Bricourt and Vice-president of Relais et Châteaux.