2016 edition

Presentation of our partner schools

FERRANDI Paris, a school of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Paris Ile-de-France, has recognized professionals in major sectors such as : catering, pastry, bakery, culinary arts. FERRANDI Paris annually hosts on its 3 sites (Paris, Jouy en Josas, Bordeaux) 2,100 students, 300 international students and 2,500 adults in continuing education. The diplomas prepared at FERRANDI Paris range from CAP to Bac + 5 (Bachelor). The creation of an Observatory of culinary creativity, constant dialogue with the profession, allow for close contact to the innovations of the sector. FERRANDI Paris organizes master classes for professionals, develops partnerships with many institutions (European Union, Americas and Asia), www.ferrandi-paris.fr

Mouisel Michel, Head of international development FERRANDI Paris in France, which will host events for professionals from all over Europe :
« It is a pleasure to see the competition opened to Europe this year. This shows that awareness regarding the preservation of nature has no boundaries. It is mostly through training and new discoveries that young people can find new sources of inspiration for their cooking. Moving towards actions for the good of the planet seems essential at FERRANDI Paris. »

Yvon Bourges Dinard catering school ; Located in one of the most touristic areas of France, the DINARD catering school has a reputation for excellence. By offering the full range of hospitality training - catering from CAP to Bachelor degrees - it is at the crossroads of the needs of youth eager for high-level qualifications and an industry where job offers are always available. https://phare.ac-rennes.fr/hotelier_dinard

Alain Bernard, Head of Culinary work at the Yvon Bourges catering school in Dinard, France, which will host events for students of Western Europe :
« Our entire team is very eager to receive European students, it is an opportunity to discover Brittany, one of the largest fishing regions in France. This will be an opportunity to discuss new culinary techniques, to discover other cultures, to learn more about actions being implemented to preserve the oceans in other parts of Europe. »

Zespół Szkół Ponadgimnazjalnych Somonino catering school is located in the North of Poland by the Baltic Sea in the Kashubian lake district. This high-school offers education in a wide range of hotel, tourist, catering services and is popular among teenagers who want to get a qualified degree. www.zspsomonino.pl

Elżbieta Świętoń, Director of Zespół Szkół Ponadgimnazjalnych Somonino school in Poland, which will host events for Eastern European students :
« We are pleased to welcome young and talented students as part of this competition. We hope they will delight the jury, while choosing food that respects the environment. Our school, surrounded by lakes, will allow everyone to find inspiration for their dishes. Good luck everyone ! »

ECOTUR catering school, Valencia : Located on the east coast of Spain, ECOTUR hotel school is a school that trains high-level professionals in the catering sector. It offers vocational training qualifications and is recognized throughout Europe. Most of the students from this school work in Michelin starred restaurants or in 4 and 5 stars hotels. www.hotelescuelaecotur.com

Vicente San Juan, Director of ECOTUR school in Valencia, which will host events for Southern European students :
« Spain is a country that consumes a lot of fish and seafood. This is why it is important, through this type of action, to educate young chefs of the importance of preserving our oceans. We need to send this message to all the countries bordering the Mediterranean sea. Protecting the oceans and its marine resources is the duty of all of us. »

RyssbyGymnasiet catering school, Ryssby : RyssbyGymnasiet, beautifully located in southern Sweden, Småland, between Växjö and Ljungby, is a catering school, which has a long tradition of educating students and aspiring chefs. RyssbyGymnasiet offers upper secondary and adult education. The school has existed for over 100 years and today has a modern teaching facility with modern purpose built premises. RyssbyGymnasiet hosts students from all over Sweden and offers boarding for those who live far away from school. http://www.ryssbygymnasiet.se

Matts Andersson Culinary Director of the RyssbyGymnasiet school in Sweden, which will host events for the Northern European students :
« How could we not be sensitive to this kind of action ? By starting to commit today candidates of this competition will become responsible professionals tomorrow. I hope that many hotel schools and young chefs will enroll in this contest, so that each EU country will have its Young Ambassador of marine resources. »