Fish shop

Fishmongers provide an average of 35% of the aquatic products consumed in France, or around 3200 retailers. The fishmongers can influence the market for sea products, both on the upstream via their own suppliers and on the downstream via the consumers and the general public.

The project aims to help this key link of the chain to implement practices for the sustainable and responsible purchase of sea products.

Towards a sustainable stall : for a responsible consumption

This project, backed by the Centre de Formation d’Apprentis (CFA) of the Poissonnerie de Rungis , in partnership with SeaWeb Europe, aims to :

  • Provide information sessions and involve fishmonger apprentices in a sustainable approach
  • Create a network of committed fishmongers
  • Establish communication mediums and awareness actions for the customers.

Awareness sessions and the involvement of the apprentices in a sustainable approach.

The dialog and transmission to future professionals of the sector are essential.

  • SeaWeb Europe organizes information sessions for the apprentices of the CFA of Rungis, in which professionals deal with issues of fishing resources, and the role that fishmongers can play in their preservation.
  • Students are engaged in a responsible approach by producing informative materials (recipe cards with an emphasis on species unfamiliar to the general public, information about the state of the stocks…) distributed to the committed fishmongers’ customers.
  • Teaching support for trainers from the CFA will be able to integrate the issues of the preservation of fishing resources into the whole training program.

Committed fishmongers network

Find the fishmongers who have signed the charter on sustainable species supply :

- Laurent Durain, Poissonnerie La Marée Beauvau à Paris
« I explain to my clients that I stop some species to protect them and to be able to consume them again in few years »

- Charly Hanafy, Poissonnerie Lacroix à Paris
« I avoid offering endangered species at my stall. Through these actions, I make my contribution, I don’t want to stand idly waiting for decisions to be made by themselves, at least I can sleep peacefully. »

- Dimitri Houdart, Poissonnerie du marché couvert de Colmar
« It’s heresy to offer species whose stocks are in a poor condition. We must sustain the resources if we want to sustain our profession. »

- Bruno Reydel, Poissonnerie Alfred Lauth à Strasbourg
« It’s a matter of awareness. To continue to sell and to consume some fish in the future, there is an urgent need to take measures such as not selling bass during their reproductive period for example. »

- Arnaud Vanhamme, Poissonnerie Vanhamme à Paris
« Our profession is necessarily linked to the resource and its sustainability. We are concerned about our activities in the long run »

Public awareness

Fishmongers have a major role to play with consumers, by informing and helping them make “sustainable” choices. Animation events on the sustainable fishery theme are organized with committed fishmongers.

Information session on the sustainable fishery by Arnaud Vanhamme, fishmonger committed for the preservation of resources, in the market of Drancy at the “Tasting Week” in October 2013.